Use Autumn as a Reason to Restore a Routine

Routine’ is a word that has gone AWOL from the vocabulary of most people over the past six months (yes, it really is six months since we first went into lockdown and many aspects of our lives and lifestyles were put on hold).

Constant changes to what we are and are not allowed to do means that we find it difficult to settle into a regular routine in any aspect of our lives. Coupled with that October has seen the arrival of more typical autumnal conditions and the inevitable onset of darker evenings. This is typically the time the gyms and health clubs see an increase in both memberships and member usage.

But what of 2020? Is this viable or even wise? And what about safety and cleanliness?

These are all important questions for gym-goers to ask, and gym owners to answer. Like all leisure and hospitality businesses we have worked incredibly hard to ensure that our members can return to a safe environment. Numbers and spacings are tightly controlled, and cleaning facilities are close to every piece of equipment. We have been open for several months now and everybody who has visited has been impressed and pleased. And most importantly they feel safe.

Which brings us back to the question about routine, and how gyms and health clubs can play their part in helping restore this vital human element back into our lives.

Getting back into, or even starting a new exercise routine can have a wide range of physical and mental benefits. Keeping our bodies in shape as autumn sets in will be especially important, giving us the very best chance to fight off the normal seasonal bugs and illnesses.

And then there are the mental benefits too. Exercise releases a range of chemicals and hormones that can suppress anxiety and low moods, and as such exercise is an important part of many people’s mental health wellbeing strategy.

Another benefit of a regular gym routine is the sense of escapism from everything going on in the outside world. During that brief (or not so brief!) time spent exercising, everything else can be blocked out, giving you and your mind time to focus on other things.

To some extent we all crave routine. And at Choices we want to play our part in helping you achieve this. We are here to help, even if that only involves a phone conversation for advice on exercising at home. Give us a call at any of our three clubs, or pop for a chat if you prefer and are comfortable.

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