Time to Restart Your Routine…

Remember those feelings?
Remember that buzz?
Remember the benefits to your body?
Remember the benefits to your mind?

Remember those days?

Well, they are coming back… From Monday 12th April.

It is time…Time to Restart Your Routine!

We are so excited, and we hope you are too. It has been a long and lonely winter for all of us. Training on your own, when you can, when the weather allows. But it is not the same.

All that changes on April 12th, as we re-open the doors at all our Choices Health Clubs! And we wanted to help you get back into the swing of things, so below are a couple of tips to help you restart your routine:

  • Safety is still our priority: We worked hard last year to make sure our facilities were covid compliant, including enhanced cleaning regimes, sanitising stations, and social distancing measures. These worked really well, and they will all remain in place when we reopen in April.
  • Different equipment, different muscle groups: Many of you will have done some form of exercise over the past few months, be that walking, running, cycling, or home workouts. It is important to remember that coming back to the gym means using different equipment and most likely different muscle groups. Make sure you warm up properly, and don’t over do it for the first few sessions. It will take a couple of weeks for your body to adjust, and don’t be too downbeat if you are not performing to the same level as previously! It will come back, with time!
  • New Year resolution mentality: Following on from the last point, after your first session sit down and set some goals. Treat these like New Year resolution targets, be they fitness or weight lose related. Giving yourself some targets will help maintain that momentum.
  • Re-establish that routine: We have focused on restarting your routine, but it is equally important to keep it going! As we mentioned above, the first few sessions can be tough even if you have done some exercise during lockdown. But keep going, you know from experience that it will get easier. Each session will get easier, and with it that buzz and benefit will return.
  • We are here to help: Our team are just as excited to return as you are. So please, please, make use of us! If you have any questions then give us a call or email. And once back here make sure to speak with any of our trained staff, even if it is just to check you are using the equipment correctly.
OK, so there you go, a few bits of advice to smooth you back into that routine. The countdown has started, and we look forward to seeing you on the April 12th or very soon after!

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