Set your New Year resolutions a month early

Those of us who like a routine will have found these last few months particularly challenging. The second lockdown forced us to close all our health clubs, and thereby temporarily halt member training programs, regimes, and routines. We know from your comments how hard this has been.

Suffice to say we are delighted to be re-opening in December as restrictions are eased. Our Covid health and safety measures remain firmly in place, ensuring our members can return in complete confidence. Our staff are also excited to resume training and supporting members and guests.

So that just leaves one person: you!

Are you ready to return?

We do hope so.

December is normally a strange month for gym members. Christmas parties and celebrations tend to disrupt attendance, and can lead to ‘slight’ weight gains too! Christmas itself does nothing to alleviate this, and so the arrival of the New Year typically leads to a flurry of health and fitness related resolutions.

But this year is very different. December will be different, with none of the Christmas parties, late night dancing, or large gatherings. And then the Christmas restrictions on group sizes and bubbles will also likely temper the indulgences.

Our recommendation is that you try to move everything forward a month and treat December as if it is January! If you think about it there are several good reasons to convince yourself and your body of this novel approach:

  • It has been harder to adapt training regimes during this second lockdown. The darker evenings and colder weather have restricted outside activities, resulting in a month of limited exercise. Regular gym goers may already be feeling this in their body. A feeling not too dissimilar to early January after the festive excesses!
  • With limited temptations this December there is a real opportunity to adopt a more structured January-like attitude to your health and fitness objectives. All you need to do is convince yourself that the 2nd December is the 2nd of January!
  • To help you do this why not set a challenge for December. This can be anything related to your own health and fitness, ranging from a simple attendance program to a specific weight loss target. We can help not only plan this but also work with you to achieve it too.
  • 2020 has wreaked havoc on our mental health. Not only those with existing challenges but also people who previously did not have issues. Physical activity is proven to help with both short and long-term mental health. Exercise releases chemicals and hormones that can suppress anxiety and low moods, and should be an important part of mental health wellbeing strategies.

Rest assured that we are here and willing to help, even if that only involves a phone conversation for advice on restarting or joining a gym. Give us a call at any of our three clubs, or pop for a chat if you prefer.

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