Gemma – Allestree
Gemma – AllestreePersonal Trainer
Hi! I’m Gemma Bain! I care about my clients, and there’s nothing more important to me than helping somebody go through an experience that makes them feel happy, confident and strong! I know how being overweight affects your whole life and I want to help YOU. Let’s talk and get started with your journey!
Rich – Allestree
Rich – AllestreePersonal Trainer
Hi I’m Rich and I’m a personal trainer at Choices Allestree. I am here to help you achieve your goals and to make your fitness journey as enjoyable as possible along the way. If you are looking to achieve real results, come and see me for a friendly chat. With my knowledge and years of experience, we can achieve your goals together as a team.
Marie – Derby, Raynesway
Marie – Derby, RayneswayPersonal Trainer
I grew up doing sport so wanted to combine my love for sport with my Work. I’ve been in the gym industry for over 12 years and have been personal training for 10 years.
I have worked with a variety of clients but my specialities are fat loss and medical issues.
Andy – Windermere
Andy – WindermereGeneral Manager
I’m extremely proud to be general manager here at choices. With a background in personal training and group exercise classes, I have a strong belief in good customer service and will strive to deliver that to all our clients and members alike.
Tomas – Windermere
Tomas – WindermerePersonal Trainer
Hi, I am Tomas Agustín Sanchez, 20 years old. Ex professional football player for QPR, Millwall, Sutton United. Fitness has always been my passion.From an early age I have always taken part in various sports – Football, swimming, martial arts and running. As a Personal Trainer I enjoy helping people to change their lifestyles and make healthier choices whilst still maintaining a good work life balance and mental health.
Antonia - Windermere
Antonia - WindermerePersonal Trainer
I’m Level 3 qualified fitness instructor. I have ve been interested in fitness since I was 19, however, I have only recently started to learn about it. I love working out and bringing positive vibes to the gym. I’m really looking forward to working at Troutbeck! Ask me if you need advice on workout plans and nutrition advice.
Nick – Derby, Raynesway
Nick – Derby, RayneswayPersonal Trainer
With having many years within the gym industry, football, boxing, boot camps I incorporate lots of different styles of training making each programme unique to the needs and criteria of each person. Whilst making it fun but demanding. Shocking the body with new adaptations, ways and unique styles of training.
Adam – Windermere
Adam – WindermerePersonal Trainer
Hi I’m Adam. I’m a level 3 qualified personal trainer. I am looking forward to helping you achieve your goals with my knowledge and experience of using a variety of training techniques. Come and say hello to have a chat about personal training and how I can help you.
Paul – Derby, Raynesway
Paul – Derby, RayneswayPersonal Trainer
Hi everyone, I’m Paul
I’m an S&C coach, Personal Trainer and MSK Injury Specialist
I want to help you do away with the over-complication, the confusion, the negativity and the doubt when it comes to fitness, pain and injury and just get moving!
I’ve worked with national and international athletes, sports teams, Olympians, and a wide variety of mere mortals like ourselves!
Becky – Derby, Raynesway
Becky – Derby, RayneswayPersonal Trainer
Before I became a personal trainer I spent my teenage years competing in Athletics competitions for my school.
I will give you 100% and I ask the same is given in return.
I specialise in body fat reduction, body confidence and sport-specific training.