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James – Allestree
James – AllestreePersonal Trainer
Hi I’m James, I am the Club Manager at Choices Allestree, I have been in the fitness industry as a Level 3 Personal Trainer for nearly ten years now. Please feel free to call me with any questions you have about our club in Allestree. We have a great facility with trainers to help you move towards a healthier lifestyle. I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you!
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Jordan – Allestree
Jordan – AllestreePersonal Trainer
Hello, I’m Jordan, I have worked at Choices Health Clubs for
five years. I am passionate about gym exercises and sports. I currently play football at a good level, my gym training supports this concentrating on high-intensity interval training, strength and conditioning, flexibility and endurance. I am now a
qualified gym instructor and can offer you a gym programme/review.
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Toby – Allestree
Toby – AllestreePersonal Trainer
Hello I’m Toby, I am currently a student at Derby University in my
second year, studying Sport and Exercise Science. Through my experiences in high
levels of rugby and long-term injuries, I can provide gym training for power and endurance based sports, and further use corrective exercise, and rehabilitation techniques to improve your gym based performance.
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Rich – Allestree
Rich – AllestreePersonal Trainer
Hi I’m Rich and I’m a personal trainer at Choices Allestree. I am here to help you achieve your goals and to make your fitness journey as enjoyable as possible along the way. If you are looking to achieve real results, come and see me for a friendly chat. With my knowledge and years of experience, we can achieve your goals together as a team.
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Marie – Derby, Raynesway
Marie – Derby, RayneswayPersonal Trainer
I grew up doing sport so wanted to combine my love for sport with my Work. I’ve been in the gym industry for over 12 years and have been personal training for 10 years.
I have worked with a variety of clients but my specialities are fat loss and medical issues.
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Cheryl – Windermere
Cheryl – WindermereGeneral Manager Windermere
I am all about you and your choice of a new healthy lifestyle, I will work with you to get you there. You will be heard and listened to, your goals have to be realistic, and with my experience and knowledge I will help get you there. From my group exercise background I love to make exercising fun, safe and effective and want to make that change to a healthier way of life!
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Nick – Derby, Raynesway
Nick – Derby, RayneswayPersonal Trainer
With having many years within the gym industry, football, boxing, boot camps I incorporate lots of different styles of training making each programme unique to the needs and criteria of each person. Whilst making it fun but demanding. Shocking the body with new adaptations, ways and unique styles of training.
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Phoebe Burch – Windermere
Phoebe Burch – WindermerePersonal Trainer
I pride myself on being motivating, supportive and helpful. For me it is important all my clients receive a bespoke to help them achieve the best results possible. I love seeing people achieve their goals!
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Nick Hogg – Windermere
Nick Hogg – WindermerePersonal Trainer
I love different training styles, whether it’s training for marathons, strength training or even making day to day chores feel easier. Personally I train to be a little bit stronger, a little bit fitter and to be able to have the maximum amount of fun on my mountain bike.
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Paul – Derby, Raynesway
Paul – Derby, RayneswayPersonal Trainer
If you’re looking to develop strength, power and increase your mobility – I’m your guy.
Fancy learning how to do Olympic Weightlifting? Maybe you’re looking to give Powerlifting a go? Recovering from an injury or just looking to make sure you don’t get one? – Give me a shout.
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Conor Maher – Windermere
Conor Maher – WindermerePersonal Trainer
I am an enthusiastic and motivational trainer. I always strive for success. I am approachable and always available to help; if you see me in the gym don’t be afraid to say hello. You will find that my programmes are very challenging however, very rewarding. But with lots of hard work and lots of motivation, we will achieve your goal in no time!
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Benn Walsh – Windermere
Benn Walsh – WindermerePersonal Trainer
I am fairly new to personal training but I have a good attitude and have plenty of experience in different aspects of training as I have been training myself since I was 15.
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Ben – Derby, Raynesway
Ben – Derby, RayneswayPersonal Trainer
Female weight loss and transformation specialist.

If you want to:
– Lose weight without having to sacrifice going out on the weekends.
– Feel confident enough to not only have photos taken with your friends and family but actually enjoy looking at them.
– Tone up stubborn areas so that your clothes fit you in all the right places.

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
Level 3 Personal Trainer

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