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How to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle for Good!

In an effort to be healthier and look and feel better, we see too many people resort to extreme diets or overly intense exercise regimes and then ‘fall off the band wagon’ and wonder why they can’t keep it up for more than a couple of weeks. We see the most effective results in our members when they decide to make incremental lifestyle changes that are sustainable long-term.

Just what the doctor ordered: the NHS rolls out new plans to prescribe exercise to patients

Studies have proven time and time again that exercise is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. Regardless, the statistics surrounding exercise in the UK show that more than 20 million people are physically inactive. The Department of Health even goes as far to say an inactive lifestyle is a ‘silent killer’, reinforcing just how effective exercise can be.

Energy Balls

Energy balls (or Energy Bites) are a popular new food trend across the UK, but what exactly are they and what is so special about them? If you are trying to [...]

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