Excuses, excuses, excuses… Top tips to help you stick with your New Year fitness resolution!

Hands up if you have already abandoned your New Year resolution to get fit?

Now put your hands down, and back up, and down, and up… see we have managed to kick start it again. Well, sort of!

I have no idea what the statistics are for people making a New Year resolution and then giving up within the first month. I assume it’s fairly high. And to top it off there is all the negative stuff that goes on in your head knowing you have failed, after just a few weeks! After the physical pain of starting your New Year fitness drive, comes the mental pain of accepting defeat so soon into the challenge.

If it makes you feel any better, then you are not alone in failing to last this one out. If it was that easy we wouldn’t be making such a big song and dance about it in the first place.

In our experience at Choices, most people give up on their New Year fitness campaigns due to one of the following reasons (along with our interpretation of what really happened):

1.“I got bored”: There is a polite and not-so-polite response to this. Polite is that your fitness program isn’t varied enough and could benefit from a refresh with one of our qualified trainers. The not-so-polite response isn’t suitable for printing… sorry!

2.“It was harder than I thought it would be”: OK, so there is a clue in the title ‘fitness campaign’. It implies there is some work to do, that it will be challenging, and there will be dark moments. If you thought otherwise then I doubt New Year Resolutions are for you.

3.“I couldn’t find the time to keep doing it”: Now this is one we do share sympathy with. The very fact that you let things slip last year was probably down to a shortage of hours in the day and days in the week. Getting things back on track involves one of two things. Either you can search for more hours in the day and days in the week. Feel free to try that one if you like, but I promise you will have to come back to the second option; namely to shift something out of your life to make way for the gym. Something has to go, so sit down and make that tough decision. And once you have decided then quickly put the gym into that vacant hour or so. And leave it there.

4.“There was no incentive for me to stick at it”: To be fair this is another viable excuse, but one that can be readily resolved. Many people start a New Year fitness campaign by setting an end goal, for example, to lose a specific amount of weight. That is all well and good, but it isn’t going to happen in a day or even a week. So, you need to plan a phased approach to your end goal target. Set mini targets for each session or week. That may be to exercise a little longer or lift slightly more weight. Small increments as targets help keep you motivated and on-track to reach the end goal.

Another problem related to this excuse can result from training alone. If there is just you then it’s hard to incentivise yourself but easy to quit. Nobody is there to encourage you to reach those small increments, or discourage you when you want to quit early or even worse not go to the gym. So, try to find a training friend or partner to work with, preferably at a similar level with similar goals too. And if you can’t then come and ask one of our team who might be able to help!

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