• A strict policy of 2-metre social distancing will be adhered to
  • Signage to be on display throughout the buildings instructing 2-metre distance must be kept between staff and members at all times
  • The maximum capacity of the clubs will be set by the number of COVID-Secure exercise stations available. The capacity will be managed by the reception team using a counter
  • Signage setting maximum numbers for each individual area will be set by the number of available stations in that area and signage with capacity will be on display at the entrance to areas where stations numbers are not obvious (changing rooms for example)
  • Anyone, staff or members, displaying any symptoms (principally a persistent new cough, a temperature or loss of smell) will not be admitted/sent home from the site and told to follow the government guidelines on self-isolation
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available and people will be asked to sanitize on entering the site
  • It is down to the customer to take reasonable personal responsibility when taking part in physical activity.





  • Hand sanitizer will be available on entry to the club
  • A Perspex screen will be placed at the front desk to prevent the spread of germs between staff and members
  • Cash will not be handled, and we will encourage all card payments to be made using contactless
  • The staff behind reception will remain 2 metres apart
  • The reception team will manage overall gym capacity using a counter
  • Queue markings at 2-metre intervals will be displayed should capacity be exceeded


  • Members actively encouraged to arrive ready to train and shower at home wherever possible
  • Each changing area will have maximum numbers and changing “boxes” will be marked on the floor at 2-metre intervals
  • Lockers will remain in use and are able to work in a socially distant manner as long as maximum numbers are adhered to
  • Cloths and cleaning sprays will be made available to customers
  • Customers should bring their own soap for use in the showers to prevent multiple people from touching the soap dispensers


  • The only equipment that is 2m apart will be used – as an example, this can either be done via moving equipment or marking every other piece of equipment in the gym out of order (to facilitate social distancing)
  • Touchpoints of equipment should be cleaned before and after use – this is to be done by the customer and monitored by staff using spray and cloths provided. This is in addition to the cleaning schedule
  • Extra signage regarding social distancing will be in place around the free-weights area.
  • Maximum gym capacity will be based on the number of socially distant stations available in the gym



  • Social distancing guidance must be followed and capacity will be based on people keeping 2 metres apart
  • In smaller studios floor markings will denote where to stand
  • There will be a minimum of 10 minutes between classes and members will be asked not to queue outside the studio
  • Customers will be asked to wipe their equipment before and after use
  • Where possible classes will be taken outside following social distancing guidelines



  • Swimming pools will open as long as properly chlorinated (as there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools, hot tubs or spas).
  • Maximum bather loads are based on one bather per 3m
  • Social distancing must be maintained in the pool
  • Extra care/signposting will be shown to maintain social distancing when getting in/out of the pool
  • Saunas/steam rooms/hot tubs/spa pools will only open if social distancing can be adhered to and maximum numbers will be set
  • Teachers/instructors/coaches and students on the poolside must follow social distancing guidelines between each other
  • Only one parent/carer per child will be allowed to supervise their child during swimming activities (external to the pool) parent/carer/spectator must follow social distancing guidelines
  • Any equipment used will be cleaned after/between use by the swim school
  • Considerations should be made to ensure limited time is taken in changing areas, especially during the changeover of group activity to maintain social distancing
  • Hand sanitiser and/or soap will be available poolside for staff flumes are available, social distancing must be followed. Cafés/Restaurants
  • Additional signs will be put up around cleanliness and social distancing
  • Legionella and bacterial disease tests to be done prior to opening as part of the recommissioning process


  • Although there may be heightened concerns around first aid, this will continue as normal, with the below aspects to be used when needed: ­
  • Gloves ­
  • Resus masks for emergency first aid to be provided to all first aiders
  • Face masks for general first aid
  • Resuscitation Council UK has provided specific guidance on CPR delivery – a resus mask or breathable cloth is to be placed over the face and compression-only CPR is to be carried out


  • Operators to follow Government guidance for office staff
  • Towels/’sweat towels’ will not be taken onto the gym floor/into the studio
  • Personal training sessions can continue as long as social distancing is in place but only at specific off-peak times so as not to impact the capacity of the club
  • All members will be contacted about these steps and those who may be particularly vulnerable to COVID should be encouraged to speak to the club manager on the phone before attending
  • All contractors must follow social distancing and cleanliness guidelines
  • Health consultations will remain but no measurements will be taken, unless by the member themselves. All consultations and programme sessions will take place at 2-metre distance

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