To Eat or Not to Eat… That is the Question

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Those of you who go to the gym in the early evening will currently be experiencing that confusing scenario of arriving during daylight and leaving in the dark. (And let us not discriminate against those who prefer early morning sessions and will obviously encounter the same phenomenon, just in reverse!).

Treat Yourself to a Yoga Retreat

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In our last article, we looked at the benefits of classes and group-based exercise on both body and mind. And integral to all successful gym and health club class programs is getting the right blend of classes. As well as the traditional high-intensity CV classes, members expect a healthy offering of other sessions such as yoga, pilates and balance/stretch classes.

How to Optimise Your Performance on a Vegetarian Diet

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There is a perception that you can’t become a professional athlete or perform in sporting events to a high standard if you follow a vegetarian diet. Hundreds of vegetarian athletes across the globe have proven this is nothing but a myth; with a well-balanced diet and a smart training plan, you can achieve great results in any sport.

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