Thoughts on exercise during these challenging times

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We have tried to make these articles as upbeat as we can over the past year or so. And naturally, there has been an undertone to encourage exercise and gym usage (which is hardly a shock given it’s our business!). But we try not to be too ‘salesy’ and keep the commentary and advice authentic.

How to Aid Muscle Recovery after Training? (Pt 2)

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In our last article, we asked the question ‘Should my Muscles Ache after Training?’ Not surprisingly there wasn’t a straight yes or no answer! It very much depends on what you were doing and more importantly what you were intending to achieve (especially when weight training, e.g. muscle tone vs muscle build).

Should my Muscles Ache after Training?

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Tired and aching muscles are one of the perceived benefits of a successful training session. Seems strange that these feelings should be associated with success, but it’s a sign that you have worked your body hard and you will reap the benefits (if not at that exact moment, then at some stage in the future!)

Advice on Losing Pounds rather than just ‘Pound Notes’?

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January is typically a big month for gyms and health clubs, with recruitment campaigns targeting lapsed members and people making fitness-related New Year resolutions. Most clubs set healthy recruitment targets for January, aiming to recruit new members who have set themselves ‘healthy’ targets! Following on this month, we are running a ‘Pounds for Pounds’ campaign, effectively working with you to help reach any weight-related targets you may have as part of your own health and fitness objectives.

Excuses, excuses, excuses… Top tips to help you stick with your New Year fitness resolution!

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Hands up if you have already abandoned your New Year resolution to get fit? Now put your hands down, and back up, and down, and up… see we have managed to kick start it again. Well, sort of!

To Eat or Not to Eat… That is the Question

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Those of you who go to the gym in the early evening will currently be experiencing that confusing scenario of arriving during daylight and leaving in the dark. (And let us not discriminate against those who prefer early morning sessions and will obviously encounter the same phenomenon, just in reverse!).

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